i waaaas going to wait before posting these two but hey, why not.

1.) woop, more miracle doodles changed her name. im assuming she is a type of water fae, she has webbed fingers and represents close colors to a frog. i think she lives in a swamp some were or rather close to one. the male of her species have manes just like the females only there’s wrap around there necks just as a lions would. im planing on her being some one who love’s trinkets and cool exotic herbs maybe even spells, i know she just adooores buttons. also made a rather interesting representation of a bull frog phhh i think he’s a cutie >v<

2.) dragon lily- ive been meaning to work with this idea for ages, her name is Ava and she belongs to the second gen. she was raised by a giant frog named tobi annnd she is about 18-19.  her wings are made of the same fibers as Lilly pads, meaning they can get wet and she will still be able to fly pretty well. she is not use to a lot of human contact due to tobi being so over protective, he walks- well hops with her every were she goes, he is usually not to far away from her. the only real memory she has of her parents is the necklace that holds her parents photo. im guessing she lives some were close to the lily pad kingdom. 

wow thats a lot of info OHO but urr if you have any questions on bobolinks please feel free to ask, really would like to develop them more.

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